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# AngularJS bindings for Onsen UI With Onsen UI you can create beautiful and performant hybrid apps that run on both Android and iOS. This package contains [AngularJS]( bindings that make it easy to integrate the Onsen UI components in AngularJS apps. For more information of what's included in Onsen UI please see: * [Main repo]( * [Official website]( * [Docs]( * [Playground]( ## Installation #### Package Manager (yarn, npm) ``` yarn add onsenui angularjs-onsenui --save ``` #### Direct download Get `onsenui.js`, `onsenui.css` and `onsenui-css-components.css` from the [latest core release]( You will also need `angularjs-onsenui.js` file from [this CDN link]( or `angularjs-onsenui.min.js` from [here]( ## Including AngularJS and Onsen UI ```html ``` ## Examples - Running the development server The examples are located under `/bindings/angular1/examples` directory in the main repo. You can serve these examples by running the development server. First you need to [build the main repo]( When that is done you can run the following commands from `/bindings/angular1` directory: ``` yarn install yarn run dev ``` This will open a development server with a kitchen sink app in `localhost:8080`. Otherwise, have a look at the [playground]( for online examples. ## Support If you need help using these bindings we recommend you to use [our forum]( to ask questions. We also have a [Discord chat]( If you find any bug or want to request features/API changes, please [open an issue]( Make sure to include all information necessary to reproduce it if you file a bug report.


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