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# ansi-align > align-text with ANSI support for CLIs [![Build Status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( [![Standard Version](]( [![Greenkeeper badge](]( Easily center- or right- align a block of text, carefully ignoring ANSI escape codes. E.g. turn this: ansi text block no alignment :( Into this: ansi text block center aligned! ## Install ```sh npm install --save ansi-align ``` ```js var ansiAlign = require('ansi-align') ``` ## API ### `ansiAlign(text, [opts])` Align the given text per the line with the greatest [`string-width`](, returning a new string (or array). #### Arguments - `text`: required, string or array The text to align. If a string is given, it will be split using either the `opts.split` value or `'\n'` by default. If an array is given, a different array of modified strings will be returned. - `opts`: optional, object Options to change behavior, see below. #### Options - `opts.align`: string, default `'center'` The alignment mode. Use `'center'` for center-alignment, `'right'` for right-alignment, or `'left'` for left-alignment. Note that the given `text` is assumed to be left-aligned already, so specifying `align: 'left'` just returns the `text` as is (no-op). - `opts.split`: string or RegExp, default `'\n'` The separator to use when splitting the text. Only used if text is given as a string. - `opts.pad`: string, default `' '` The value used to left-pad (prepend to) lines of lesser width. Will be repeated as necessary to adjust alignment to the line with the greatest width. ### `` Alias for `ansiAlign(text, { align: 'center' })`. ### `ansiAlign.right(text)` Alias for `ansiAlign(text, { align: 'right' })`. ### `ansiAlign.left(text)` Alias for `ansiAlign(text, { align: 'left' })`, which is a no-op. ## Similar Packages - [`center-align`]( Very close to this package, except it doesn't support ANSI codes. - [`left-pad`]( Great for left-padding but does not support center alignment or ANSI codes. - Pretty much anything by the [chalk]( team ## License ISC © Contributors


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