IO class for generic GPIO service over Bluetooth low energy
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# ble-io Ble-io is a library for writing javascript programs that interact with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) devices. It can also be used an [IO plugin]( for use with the [johnny-five]( robotics framework. The intention is to be able to use a simple and generic API for interacting with the GPIO pins across many different types of BLE peripherals. Ble-io was built at [IcedDev]( ## Installation `npm install ble-io` ## Getting Started In order to use the ble-io library, you will need to load a firmware onto the BLE peripheral that supports the ble-io Service and Characteristics described [here]( One implementation of the ble-io service is for Intel curie based boards including the Arduino 101 and TinyTile here: [firmware]( ## Usage ```js const BleIO = require("ble-io"); const io = new BleIO(); io.on("ready", function() { //turn on pin 13 this.digitalWrite(13, 1); }); ``` ## With johnny-five ```js const BleIO = require("ble-io"); const five = require("johnny-five"); const board = new five.Board({ io: new BleIO() }); board.on("ready", function() { cosnt led = new five.Led(13); led.blink(500); }); ``` ## TODO * We need a way to query pin capabilities. Right now the code is assuming 20 pins all able to accept any pin mode. * i2C support needs to be added as a new Characteristic to the reference firmware


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