Minimal module to check if a file is executable.


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# isexe Minimal module to check if a file is executable, and a normal file. Uses `fs.stat` and tests against the `PATHEXT` environment variable on Windows. ## USAGE ```javascript var isexe = require('isexe') isexe('some-file-name', function (err, isExe) { if (err) { console.error('probably file does not exist or something', err) } else if (isExe) { console.error('this thing can be run') } else { console.error('cannot be run') } }) // same thing but synchronous, throws errors var isExe = isexe.sync('some-file-name') // treat errors as just "not executable" isexe('maybe-missing-file', { ignoreErrors: true }, callback) var isExe = isexe.sync('maybe-missing-file', { ignoreErrors: true }) ``` ## API ### `isexe(path, [options], [callback])` Check if the path is executable. If no callback provided, and a global `Promise` object is available, then a Promise will be returned. Will raise whatever errors may be raised by `fs.stat`, unless `options.ignoreErrors` is set to true. ### `isexe.sync(path, [options])` Same as `isexe` but returns the value and throws any errors raised. ### Options * `ignoreErrors` Treat all errors as "no, this is not executable", but don't raise them. * `uid` Number to use as the user id * `gid` Number to use as the group id * `pathExt` List of path extensions to use instead of `PATHEXT` environment variable on Windows.


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