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# Mime A comprehensive, compact MIME type module. [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/broofa/mime.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/broofa/mime) ## Version 2 Notes Version 2 is a breaking change from 1.x as the semver implies. Specifically: * `lookup()` renamed to `getType()` * `extension()` renamed to `getExtension()` * `charset()` and `load()` methods have been removed If you prefer the legacy version of this module please `npm install mime@^1`. Version 1 docs may be found [here](https://github.com/broofa/mime/tree/v1.4.0). ## Install ### NPM ``` npm install mime ``` ### Browser It is recommended that you use a bundler such as [webpack](https://webpack.github.io/) or [browserify](http://browserify.org/) to package your code. However, browser-ready versions are available via wzrd.in. E.g. For the full version: Or, for the `mime/lite` version: ## Quick Start For the full version (800+ MIME types, 1,000+ extensions): ```javascript const mime = require('mime'); mime.getType('txt'); // ⇨ 'text/plain' mime.getExtension('text/plain'); // ⇨ 'txt' ``` See [Mime API](#mime-api) below for API details. ## Lite Version There is also a "lite" version of this module that omits vendor-specific (`*/vnd.*`) and experimental (`*/x-*`) types. It weighs in at ~2.5KB, compared to 8KB for the full version. To load the lite version: ```javascript const mime = require('mime/lite'); ``` ## Mime .vs. mime-types .vs. mime-db modules For those of you wondering about the difference between these [popular] NPM modules, here's a brief rundown ... [`mime-db`](https://github.com/jshttp/mime-db) is "the source of truth" for MIME type information. It is not an API. Rather, it is a canonical dataset of mime type definitions pulled from IANA, Apache, NGINX, and custom mappings submitted by the Node.js community. [`mime-types`](https://github.com/jshttp/mime-types) is a thin wrapper around mime-db that provides an API drop-in compatible(ish) with `mime @ < v1.3.6` API. `mime` is, as of v2, a self-contained module bundled with a pre-optimized version of the `mime-db` dataset. It provides a simplified API with the following characteristics: * Intelligently resolved type conflicts (See [mime-score](https://github.com/broofa/mime-score) for details) * Method naming consistent with industry best-practices * Compact footprint. E.g. The minified+compressed sizes of the various modules: Module | Size --- | --- `mime-db` | 18 KB `mime-types` | same as mime-db `mime` | 8 KB `mime/lite` | 2 KB ## Mime API Both `require('mime')` and `require('mime/lite')` return instances of the MIME class, documented below. Note: Inputs to this API are case-insensitive. Outputs (returned values) will be lowercase. ### new Mime(typeMap, ... more maps) Most users of this module will not need to create Mime instances directly. However if you would like to create custom mappings, you may do so as follows ... ```javascript // Require Mime class const Mime = require('mime/Mime'); // Define mime type -> extensions map const typeMap = { 'text/abc': ['abc', 'alpha', 'bet'], 'text/def': ['leppard'] }; // Create and use Mime instance const myMime = new Mime(typeMap); myMime.getType('abc'); // ⇨ 'text/abc' myMime.getExtension('text/def'); // ⇨ 'leppard' ``` If more than one map argument is provided, each map is `define()`ed (see below), in order. ### mime.getType(pathOrExtension) Get mime type for the given path or extension. E.g. ```javascript mime.getType('js'); // ⇨ 'application/javascript' mime.getType('json'); // ⇨ 'application/json' mime.getType('txt'); // ⇨ 'text/plain' mime.getType('dir/text.txt'); // ⇨ 'text/plain' mime.getType('dir\\text.txt'); // ⇨ 'text/plain' mime.getType('.text.txt'); // ⇨ 'text/plain' mime.getType('.txt'); // ⇨ 'text/plain' ``` `null` is returned in cases where an extension is not detected or recognized ```javascript mime.getType('foo/txt'); // ⇨ null mime.getType('bogus_type'); // ⇨ null ``` ### mime.getExtension(type) Get extension for the given mime type. Charset options (often included in Content-Type headers) are ignored. ```javascript mime.getExtension('text/plain'); // ⇨ 'txt' mime.getExtension('application/json'); // ⇨ 'json' mime.getExtension('text/html; charset=utf8'); // ⇨ 'html' ``` ### mime.define(typeMap[, force = false]) Define [more] type mappings. `typeMap` is a map of type -> extensions, as documented in `new Mime`, above. By default this method will throw an error if you try to map a type to an extension that is already assigned to another type. Passing `true` for the `force` argument will suppress this behavior (overriding any previous mapping). ```javascript mime.define({'text/x-abc': ['abc', 'abcd']}); mime.getType('abcd'); // ⇨ 'text/x-abc' mime.getExtension('text/x-abc') // ⇨ 'abc' ``` ## Command Line mime [path_or_extension] E.g. > mime scripts/jquery.js application/javascript ---- Markdown generated from [src/README_js.md](src/README_js.md) by [![RunMD Logo](http://i.imgur.com/h0FVyzU.png)](https://github.com/broofa/runmd)


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