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# minimist parse argument options This module is the guts of optimist's argument parser without all the fanciful decoration. [![browser support](]( [![build status](]( # example ``` js var argv = require('minimist')(process.argv.slice(2)); console.dir(argv); ``` ``` $ node example/parse.js -a beep -b boop { _: [], a: 'beep', b: 'boop' } ``` ``` $ node example/parse.js -x 3 -y 4 -n5 -abc --beep=boop foo bar baz { _: [ 'foo', 'bar', 'baz' ], x: 3, y: 4, n: 5, a: true, b: true, c: true, beep: 'boop' } ``` # methods ``` js var parseArgs = require('minimist') ``` ## var argv = parseArgs(args, opts={}) Return an argument object `argv` populated with the array arguments from `args`. `argv._` contains all the arguments that didn't have an option associated with them. Numeric-looking arguments will be returned as numbers unless `opts.string` or `opts.boolean` is set for that argument name. Any arguments after `'--'` will not be parsed and will end up in `argv._`. options can be: * `opts.string` - a string or array of strings argument names to always treat as strings * `opts.boolean` - a boolean, string or array of strings to always treat as booleans. if `true` will treat all double hyphenated arguments without equal signs as boolean (e.g. affects `--foo`, not `-f` or `--foo=bar`) * `opts.alias` - an object mapping string names to strings or arrays of string argument names to use as aliases * `opts.default` - an object mapping string argument names to default values * `opts.stopEarly` - when true, populate `argv._` with everything after the first non-option * `opts['--']` - when true, populate `argv._` with everything before the `--` and `argv['--']` with everything after the `--`. Here's an example: * `opts.unknown` - a function which is invoked with a command line parameter not defined in the `opts` configuration object. If the function returns `false`, the unknown option is not added to `argv`. ``` > require('./')('one two three -- four five --six'.split(' '), { '--': true }) { _: [ 'one', 'two', 'three' ], '--': [ 'four', 'five', '--six' ] } ``` Note that with `opts['--']` set, parsing for arguments still stops after the `--`. # install With [npm]( do: ``` npm install minimist ``` # license MIT


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