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CRUD (nest-crud-mongoose)

This is a canary version of CRUD Mongoose for testing before it is merged into @nestjsx/crud

for RESTful APIs built with NestJs

We believe that everyone who's working with NestJs and building some RESTful services and especially some CRUD functionality will find `@nestjsx/crud` microframework very useful. ## Features Reference: [Integration Tests]( for examples on usage - Super easy to install and start using the full-featured controllers and services :point_right: - DB and service agnostic extendable CRUD controllers - Reach query parsing with filtering, pagination, sorting, relations, nested relations, cache, etc. - Framework agnostic package with query builder for a frontend usage - Query, path params and DTOs validation included - Overriding controller methods with ease - Tiny config (including globally) - Additional helper decorators - Swagger documentation ## Install ```shell npm i nest-crud-mongoose @nestjs/mongoose mongoose ``` ## Packages - [**@nestjsx/crud**]( - core package which provides `@Crud()` decorator for endpoints generation, global configuration, validation, helper decorators ([docs]( - [**@nestjsx/crud-request**]( - request builder/parser package which provides `RequestQueryBuilder` class for a frontend usage and `RequestQueryParser` that is being used internally for handling and validating query/path params on a backend side ([docs]( - [**nest-crud-mongoose**]( - Mongoose package which provides base `MongooseCrudService` with methods for CRUD database operations ([docs]( ## Documentation - [General Information]( - [CRUD Controllers]( - [CRUD ORM Services]( - [Handling Requests]( ## Support Any support is welcome. At least you can give us a star. ## Contributors ### Code Contributors This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [[Contribute](]. ### Financial Contributors Become a financial contributor and help us sustain our community. [[Contribute](] #### Individuals #### Organizations Support this project with your organization. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [[Contribute](] ## License [MIT](LICENSE)