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# Redrun [![License][LicenseIMGURL]][LicenseURL] [![NPM version][NPMIMGURL]][NPMURL] [![Dependency Status][DependencyStatusIMGURL]][DependencyStatusURL] [![Build Status][BuildStatusIMGURL]][BuildStatusURL] [![Coverage Status][CoverageIMGURL]][CoverageURL] CLI tool to run multiple npm-scripts fast. Supports madly comfortable [madrun]( ![Redrun]( "Redrun") ## Install ``` npm i redrun -g ``` # Usage ``` Usage: redrun [...tasks] [options] [-- ...args] Options: -p, --parallel run scripts in parallel -s, --series run scripts in series -q, --quiet do not output result command before execution -c, --calm return zero exit code when command completed with error -P, --parallel-calm run scripts in parallel and return zero exit code -S, --series-calm run scripts in series and return zero exit code -h, --help display this help and exit -v, --version output version information and exit ``` # Completion You can enable tab-completion of npm scripts similar to [npm's completion]( using: ```sh redrun-completion >> ~/.bashrc redrun-completion >> ~/.zshrc ``` You may also pipe the output of redrun-completion to a file such as `/usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/redrun` if you have a system that will read that file for you. # How it works ```json { "one": "npm run two", "two": "npm run three", "three": "echo 'hello'" } ``` Usually this expressions would be executed one-by-one this way: ```sh coderaiser@cloudcmd:~/redrun$ npm run one > redrun@1.0.0 one /home/coderaiser/redrun > npm run two > redrun@1.0.0 two /home/coderaiser/redrun > npm run three > redrun@1.0.0 three /home/coderaiser/redrun > echo 'hello' hello ``` Usually all this steps is slow, becouse every `npm run` it is a new process. We use `npm run` for comfort of build tools of yesterday (like `gulp` and `grunt`) but without their weaknesses (a lot dependencies and plugins management frustrations) What `redrun` does is expand all this commands into one (which is much faster): ``` coderaiser@cloudcmd:~/redrun$ redrun one > echo 'hello' hello ``` ## How to use? Redrun could be used via command line, scripts section of `package.json` or programmaticly. ```js const redrun = require('redrun'); redrun('one', { one: 'npm run two', two: 'npm run three', three: 'echo \'hello\'' }); // returns "echo 'hello'" redrun('one', { one: 'redrun -p two three', two: 'redrun four five', three: 'echo \'hello\'', four: 'jshint lib', five: 'jscs test' }); // returns "jshint lib && jscs test & echo 'hello'" ``` ## Speed comparison The less spend time is better: - `npm-run-all`: 1m12.570s - `npm run && npm run`: 1m10.727s - `redrun`: 0m38.312s Here are logs: ### npm-run-all: ```sh coderaiser@cloudcmd:~/redrun$ time npm run speed:npm-run-all > speed:npm-run-all /home/coderaiser/redrun > npm-run-all lint:* > redrun@5.3.0 lint:jshint /home/coderaiser/redrun > jshint bin lib test > redrun@5.3.0 lint:eslint-bin /home/coderaiser/redrun > eslint --rule 'no-console:0' bin > redrun@5.3.0 lint:eslint-lib /home/coderaiser/redrun > eslint lib test > redrun@5.3.0 lint:jscs /home/coderaiser/redrun > jscs --esnext bin lib test real 1m12.570s user 0m14.431s sys 0m17.147s ``` ### npm run && npm run ```sh coderaiserser@cloudcmd:~/redrun$ time npm run speed:npm-run redrun@5.3.0 speed:npm-run /home/coderaiser/redrun > npm run lint:jshint && npm run lint:eslint-bin && npm run lint:eslint-lib && npm run lint:jscs > redrun@5.3.0 lint:jshint /home/coderaiser/redrun > jshint bin lib test > redrun@5.3.0 lint:eslint-bin /home/coderaiser/redrun > eslint --rule 'no-console:0' bin > redrun@5.3.0 lint:eslint-lib /home/coderaiser/redrun > eslint lib test > redrun@5.3.0 lint:jscs /home/coderaiser/redrun > jscs --esnext bin lib test real 1m10.727s user 0m14.670s sys 0m16.663s ``` ### redrun ```sh coderaiser@cloudcmd:~/redrun$ redrun lint:* > jshint bin lib test && eslint --rule 'no-console:0' bin && eslint lib test && jscs --esnext bin lib test real 0m38.312s user 0m8.198s sys 0m9.113s ``` As you see `redrun` much faster and more laconic way of using `npm scripts` then regular solutions. ## Related - [madrun]( - CLI tool to run multiple npm-scripts in a madly comfortable way. ## License MIT [NPMIMGURL]: [BuildStatusIMGURL]: [DependencyStatusIMGURL]: [LicenseIMGURL]: [NPMURL]: "npm" [BuildStatusURL]: "Build Status" [DependencyStatusURL]: "Dependency Status" [LicenseURL]: "MIT License" [CoverageURL]: [CoverageIMGURL]:


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