An easy-to-use API for devices that use Tuya's cloud services 14 引用量

pure nodejs OPCUA SDK - module -common 9 引用量

Client application programming interface to access the Cumulocity IoT-Platform REST services. 3 引用量

Real-time location and sensor data aggregator and propagator. We believe in an open Internet of Things. 3 引用量

Fast Internet Interconnection Protocol 2 引用量
2019-02-20 12:55:41 Protocol iot MIT 协议

Simple Node commandline application for working with your Particle devices and using the Particle Cloud 2 引用量

Angular modules for Cumulocity IoT applications 1 引用量

Encode / decode MQTT stream from IoT devices to Web browsers. Use [Open Mobile Alliance]( standards as main target / source protocol. 1 引用量
2019-02-21 19:58:03 MQTT Interoperability IoT ISC 协议

node.js node for microservicebus. Please visit for more information. 1 引用量

A typescript library for interfacing with IOTile BLE devices

[thing-it-node] Device Plugin to show a website
2019-02-18 18:48:13 thing-it IoT MIT 协议

Node-RED nodes to simulate Apple HomeKit devices. Based on node-red-contrib-homekit-bridged.

[thing-it-node] Device Plugin for EnOcean IP products.

async based library to be able to control de dji tello drone
2019-02-21 16:51:44 dji tello drone iot MIT 协议

Node-RED nodes that interact with Umarkcloud Symfoni Platform.

Node-RED nodes to simulate Apple HomeKit devices. Based on node-red-contrib-homekit, but with support for bridged devices.

IoTronic-standalone is the implementation of a personal Cloud to remote manage embedded devices (Arduino YUN/Linino One, Raspberry Pi 2/3, etc)

Shar-q extension for creating contracts
2019-02-18 22:34:37 nodejs shar-q iot MIT 协议

An IOT Development Environment
2019-02-22 11:09:19 c++ c arduino cosa wio avr iot MIT 协议

Command Line Interface for Wappsto
2019-02-20 21:55:55 api wapp wappsto iot Apache-2.0 协议

Cumulocity IoT applications

Styles for Cumulocity IoT applications

CLI tool for Cumulocity IoT applications

Helper tool to create master and device GroupSAS keys / create connection string
2019-02-20 10:27:16 saas iot-central dps azure iot MIT 协议

An interface and base class for creating Johnny-Five IO plugins

SkyWay GateWay SDK(Unoficial) for Node.js

Client package for connecting to Ortho Remote Control by Teenage Engineering

Serves real-time real-world context at a human scale by combining RFID, RTLS and M2M with structured, linked data on the web. We believe in an open Internet of Things.

Set of nodes for interfacing with the GAIA Platform

JSON schemas description from LwM2M [Open Mobile Alliance](
2019-02-17 07:22:40 MQTT Interoperability IoT ISC 协议

INT is the new generation of bottom-up created system of IoT and blockchain

pure nodejs OPCUA SDK - module -end2end-test

JS module providing Arduino Create IoT Cloud Connection
2019-02-20 19:33:05 cloud arduino plugin create iot GPLv3 协议

Serialport implementation for GSM commands (send text/flash messages, read, etc.)

Angular2+ library to communicate with deviceWISE.
2019-02-21 21:23:54 DeviceWISE Telit Iot MIT 协议

Streamr node-red integration. Publish and subscribe nodes to integrate to Streamr platform.

Raspberry PI utilities
2019-02-21 18:58:00 raspberry embedded GPIO IoT MIT 协议