I2C serial bus access with Node.js 182 引用量

pure nodejs OPCUA SDK - module -utils 30 引用量

The CDK Construct Library for AWS::IoT 15 引用量
2020-10-03 05:59:51 cdk aws constructs iot Apache-2.0 协议

Client application programming interface to access the Cumulocity IoT-Platform REST services. 4 引用量

MQTT client in Typescript 1 引用量
2020-10-11 03:21:12 MQTT subscribe tls iot MIT 协议

Grandeur Cloud SDK from JavaScript. It can be utilized to integrate Grandeur Cloud features into web apps. 1 引用量

Angular modules for Cumulocity IoT applications 1 引用量

A Node.JS fork of broadlinkjs specifically intended for interacting with RM devices in homebridge-broadlink-rm 1 引用量
2020-10-08 10:37:57 Broadlink control remote IoT MIT 协议

Netrunr GAPI V3 SDK for nodeJS

3D for your Business App. Web Component to visualize IoT, Smart Factory, Devices.

Build amazing react apps with Grandeur Cloud as your backend

Serves real-time real-world context at a human scale by combining RFID, RTLS and M2M with structured, linked data on the web. We believe in an open Internet of Things.

React Native bindings for the Tuya SDK
2020-10-07 22:30:50 react-native tuyasmart iot tuya MIT 协议

A library for creating microservices to access Inmarsat's IsatData Pro satellite IoT system

Single Node KNX IN/OUT with optional ETS group address importer. Easy to use and highly configurable. Control your KNX intallation via Node-Red!
2020-10-03 19:03:33 konnex KNX ETS node-red eibd eib IOT MIT 协议

Node-RED contribution package with nodes for interaction with iGlass Automation blocks.

A set of Node-RED nodes that uses an agnostic state management system to keep IOT device states and provide a uniform control system.
2020-10-12 08:12:48 node-red iot ISC 协议

React classes to develop admin interfaces for ioBroker with react.
2020-10-04 18:43:41 adapter iobroker iot MIT 协议

This README would normally document whatever steps are necessary to get your application up and running.
2020-10-06 10:57:00 node-red 2jcie-bu IoT ISC 协议

CLI tool for Cumulocity IoT applications

Cumulocity IoT applications

Styles for Cumulocity IoT applications