🚀 lightweight logger • level based filtering and tagging • weighs in at 500 bytes 7 引用量

Actor model for reactive and scalable applications. 6 引用量

_Prtcl provider wrappers around the native fetch api 4 引用量

A generic extendable application and file server for webNode. 2 引用量

Secure Modular Communications Cryptography Core (smcc-core) 2 引用量

A nginx proxy server configuration template for webNode. 1 引用量

Decentralized Modular Networking Communications Core (dmnc-core) 1 引用量

Fast Modular Networking Arithmetic Core (fmna-core) 1 引用量

CLI containing utilities and simple script runner 1 引用量

A backend framework for solid web apps based on node.js 1 引用量

Modular Node (node)

Build scalable and secure SAAS applications effortlessly -

A highly-modular (typescript-friendly)-framework agnostic library for serializing data to the JSON:API specification

JavaScript Modules for Modern Frontend & Backend Projects

nodejs express fast prototype library
2020-07-02 05:16:06 express backend nodejs ISC 协议

Actor model for reactive and scalable applications.

Modular Social Information Platform Core (msip-core)

The plugin additions for both the frontend and backend designs of

JSON wrapper data mangement package for Node.js

API para simular um backend em memoria para ser usado em aplicações angular

The backend sass/scss design for or
2020-06-28 21:52:59 exordium scss backend sass GPL-3.0 协议

The zodoro backend core facilitates the creation of a backend. It is a template for tables/models, validation, services and endpoints. The core manages the eccosystem and controls the state of the endpoint, services or database. Data changes execute trigg

tinyhttp static markdown handler

This module can be use as the core of the application, it offers directly some tools.

Koa server and common middleware
2020-07-01 17:43:20 lightbase http backend api koa lbu MIT 协议

Generate various boring parts of your server

Dev enviromnent for contiamo
2020-07-03 17:13:53 dev backend docker ISC 协议

Simple and high performance web server structure for