Vue CLI Plugin for Vusion Projects 36 引用量
2020-09-23 21:36:12 cli plugin vusion vue MIT 协议

A simple, light-weight and modern task runner for general purpose. 5 引用量
2020-09-24 11:14:54 cli build make tools MIT 协议

a lazy npm init for create new package, support yarn workspace. make we without use `mkdir xxx && cd xxx && [npm|yarn] init` with `npx npm-init2 xxx` 2 引用量

Get android icon file names and dimensions (width) 2 引用量
2020-09-24 04:15:39 cli cordova bin android icon phonegap MIT 协议

Get iOS splash screen files names and dimensions 2 引用量

Get android splash screen files names and dimensions 2 引用量

Get iOS icon file names and dimensions (width) 2 引用量
2020-09-24 04:15:44 cli cordova bin icon phonegap ios MIT 协议

yarn create yarn-workspaces npx create-yarn-workspaces 1 引用量

Blitz.js CLI 1 引用量
2020-09-24 10:27:09 cli blitz MIT 协议

Node module to manage command line execution and arguments 1 引用量

Domo App Dev Studio CLI, The main tool used to create, edit, and publish app designs to Domo 1 引用量

work for oceans
2020-09-24 11:51:22 cli oceans ISC 协议

Simplify infrastructure/app testing/deployment

QualWeb evaluator command line interface

publishx-cli 方便提交git库的命令 多功能合一命令,辅助多项目开发

A simple transpiler that takes markdown files and then transpiles to styled html files.

用于搭建 Vue 项目的基础 CLI。
2020-09-24 09:49:59 cli vue-cli vue ISC 协议

2020-09-24 06:36:04 cli scte35 Apache-2.0 协议

A CLI for statenext project
2020-09-24 12:15:29 cli create-statenext-app MIT 协议

Automatic multilingual translator for nuxt-i18n

weexplus cli
2020-09-23 23:29:46 cli web weex android ios MIT 协议

This is a tool to quickly get password from WiFi
2020-09-24 01:52:57 cli wifi ISC 协议

Infrastructure as code generator for GCP.
2020-09-23 23:03:11 cli terraform terragrunt MIT 协议

Duxis project command line development tools.
2020-09-24 04:48:35 cli imec apt duxis UNLICENSED 协议


Grafana End-to-End Test Library

and-cli command-line tool to manage the development of software applications
2020-09-24 02:08:40 cli Apache-2.0 协议

Bull / BullMQ queue command line REPL

Clone GitHub repositories via Command Line
2020-09-24 12:26:29 cli github git MIT 协议

ctx-core aws cli helpers
2020-09-24 10:15:36 ctx-core cli aws2 aws Apache-2.0 协议

A small Node.JS program to download your LightShot( Gallery

A small Node.JS program to download your LightShot( Gallery

Make native console.log() (and other console methods) proxied and filtered by text string

The fastest way to bootstrap an app

The Optic CLI
2020-09-23 22:19:54 oas cli api optic swagger oclif MIT 协议

Automatically approve all GitHub PRs which match a specific pattern.
2020-09-24 02:35:09 cli typescript GPL-3.0 协议

2020-09-24 09:06:43 cli miniprogram MIT 协议

Tascli is an open-source task-manager like, but for command line nerds.

Name colors by well-known definitions
2020-09-23 21:44:50 delta-e cli color name MIT 协议