Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 2099 引用量

Detect if your terminal emulator supports hyperlinks 21 引用量
2019-07-18 02:11:12 hyperlink cli link terminal MIT 协议

A flexible dev server for Elm. Live reload included! 9 引用量
2019-07-18 04:08:00 cli elm tool MIT 协议

Gapi command line interface 7 引用量
2019-07-17 23:56:35 CLI Gapi graphql MIT 协议

Interactive CLI utility to easily update outdated NPM dependencies 5 引用量

Learn how to use Factor's CLI tool at [] 3 引用量

A CLI for accessibility testing using axe-core 3 引用量

Cli tool for serve and build react app, support JSON pattern config. 1 引用量

Tooling for GraphQL. Compare GraphQL Schemas, check documents, find breaking changes, find similar types. 1 引用量

A collection of CLI tools to help with ethereum learning and development. 1 引用量
2019-07-17 23:08:17 ethereum cli blockchain oclif MIT 协议


Daeren » tgb » 0.5.2 (19.0 KB) 20 版本数量

The best choice for your Telegram Bots
2019-07-18 02:20:41 cli bottality bot telegram api tgb MIT 协议

A command line tool to help you update npm packages' dependencies.
2019-07-17 19:15:03 cli node package npm yarn MIT 协议

Node.js CLI for creating react component
2019-07-17 22:26:49 cli node.js components react ISC 协议

Netlify command line tool
2019-07-17 23:43:29 cli netlify static api MIT 协议

Global command line interface for Wee
2019-07-18 04:46:48 cli wee Apache-2.0 协议

A command line tool for creating new Bench projects
2019-07-17 22:25:15 cli bench MIT 协议

Command Line Interface, which is designed to handle things, like Dev(Ops) tasks, much faster.

Streaming hexdump CLI
2019-07-17 22:43:23 cli hexdump hex MIT 协议

A command line tool to help you update npm packages' dependencies.
2019-07-17 19:04:47 cli node package npm yarn MIT 协议


Keid » dept » 0.1.3 (94.4 KB) 13 版本数量

Dependencies templates management CLI to install your fixed NPM or Yarn dependencies and cofing files to your project.

The Console component allows you to create command-line commands

Carp streamer
2019-07-18 00:20:17 cli box MIT 协议

Generator for Web apps using the Typescene framework
2019-07-18 01:31:31 cli typescene generator MIT 协议

Generator for apps using the Typescene framework
2019-07-18 01:28:40 cli typescene generator MIT 协议

Light Speed setup for MEVN stack based apps.

CLI for interacting with Microlink Query Language (MQL)
2019-07-18 00:09:32 microlink cli query mql language api MIT 协议

The alwaysAI command-line interface (CLI)

A boilerplate for a modern™ TypeScript project.
2019-07-17 23:20:59 cli typescript MIT 协议

build cpp codes into single sources file.
2019-07-17 23:53:41 cli acm typescript MIT 协议

Wikipedia summaries from the command line
2019-07-18 00:08:34 cli search wiki wikit wikipedia MIT 协议

cli for yopass
2019-07-18 03:34:51 cli yopass MIT 协议

A media library server and browser.
2019-07-17 23:20:32 cli server library browser media MIT 协议

2019-07-17 22:51:59 cli ISC 协议

Check your Rust packages for updates.

A node cli that list running containers and run 'docker exec' on the selected container.

Open a GitHub repository in your browser

An xkcd API client with a CLI.
2019-07-17 23:23:11 cli api typescript xkcd MIT 协议

Asynchronous CLI Spinner. Allow to create and manage simultaneous/multiple spinners at a time.

A custom render for marked to output to the Terminal

A zip CLI based on jszip.
2019-07-17 23:20:37 zip cli jszip typescript MIT 协议

Exoframe is a self-hosted tool that allows simple one-command deployments using Docker
2019-07-17 19:04:31 cli build exoframe docker deploy MIT 协议