Rotates JPEG images based on EXIF orientation 6 引用量

SDK for the æternity blockchain 5 引用量
2020-05-30 00:03:17 CLI blockchain aeternity API SDK ISC 协议

A secure and free password manager for all of your devices. 4 引用量

Learn how to use Factor's CLI tool at [] 3 引用量

The perfect IoC framework for Node.js lovers 2 引用量

CLI for generating code and running commands 2 引用量

CLI tool for creating Ignite UI projects 1 引用量
2020-05-30 01:40:08 CLI Ignite UI MIT 协议

vue-extension build cli / build tools vext-cli 1 引用量
2020-05-30 03:34:35 cli front-end MIT 协议

Kubernetes visualization plugin for kubernetes 1 引用量

Grafana End-to-End Test Selectors Library 1 引用量

Node based Smartmate 2 CLI.
2020-05-30 04:36:25 cli smartmate UNLICENSED 协议

Grafana End-to-End Test Library

PostgreSQL schema and data comparing tool

A reactive UI for bull queue management library
2020-05-29 23:06:13 cli reactive ui socket bull ISC 协议

OneAmerica MarkLogic data hub framework development CLI tool
2020-05-29 23:13:54 CLI Git

Cli app on Magic the Gathering API
2020-05-29 23:47:27 cli MIT 协议

CLI to manage and connect to SSH servers. Because when you work with clients it can get messy.

Converts BASIC to Text and back again

This software is a command line tool for version control and mapping changes of Elasticsearch mappings.

A bootstrapper for creating a cli application with Node.
2020-05-29 23:20:22 cli application menu tool MIT 协议

a cli wrapper for postgraphile db inspector
2020-05-30 01:25:39 cli cli-app pgdbi MIT 协议

The guts of the FAB cli code, keeping the 'fab' package lean
2020-05-29 23:06:29 cli compile build fab deploy MIT 协议

USDA command line downloader
2020-05-30 02:23:38 cli nutrition mongodb usda ISC 协议

This package contains the Inferno framework extension for the @leanup/cli.

CLI tool to render handlebars templates

## Install
2020-05-30 01:42:42 cli codex ISC 协议

'newfile folder/file.js then cd' 👈👈👈 newfile-cli can do more like this! 🌞🌈 Create a file or folder recursively then do something at once ~
2020-05-30 04:58:57 cli node node cli mkdir newfile MIT 协议

Extensible Dev Tools for Monorepos

Plugin for creating plugins for Nx :)
2020-05-30 05:35:35 Monorepo CLI Cypress Node Nx Nest Jest MIT 协议

Command line tool for building, testing and publishing modern Electron applications

Next.js Plugin for Nx
2020-05-30 05:35:26 Monorepo CLI Cypress Node Next Jest MIT 协议

EWA Command line tool
2020-05-30 00:47:10 cli ewa MIT 协议