takes json-cov output into stdin and POSTs to 32384 引用量
2019-02-23 01:56:15 coverage coveralls BSD-2-Clause 协议

the Istanbul command line interface 29050 引用量

Uploading report to Codecov: 9110 引用量


Ben Coe » c8 » 3.5.0 (6.6 KB) 25 版本数量

output coverage reports using Node.js' built in coverage 83 引用量

LCOV uploader for service 47 引用量
2019-04-14 01:17:27 coverage lcov codecov MIT 协议

Quality checker for projects for browser js and Node.js, can be integrated in build process of Page, also can be as stand alone application. 22 引用量

Send LCOV and Clover coverage reports to the Coveralls service. 21 引用量

Reporter used for mocha and other frameworks. 19 引用量
2019-04-16 14:04:55 coverage macaca reporter MIT 协议

A command-line tool to collect and report code coverage of a JavaScript program 9 引用量

Gulp plugin to submit code coverage to Coveralls 8 引用量
2019-03-12 08:13:05 coverage gulpplugin

💯 Collect, report and check code coverage using Istanbul 5 引用量

convert from v8 coverage format to istanbul's format 4 引用量
2019-04-19 03:44:39 coverage v8 istanbul ISC 协议

Creates a group of coverage badges from Jest into your README. 2 引用量

Ratchet up code coverage - keep test coverage going only one direction -- up 1 引用量

Karma preprocessor for instrumenting javascript code for coverage 1 引用量

This package helps to convert the external css files in an HTML to an internal style i.e., injected using style tag in the document head. 1 引用量
2019-03-29 04:55:50 coverage styles html vsts MIT 协议

Core API for JS code coverage 1 引用量

Auto creates jest coverage shield from 1 引用量

Parse and format to LCOV your code coverage reports. The best way to share your code coverage stats. 1 引用量

Framework for easy offline black-box testing of Alexa skills.

Wrap your reports in an index.html file with a single command

Track missing type coverage in TypeScript projects to ensure type safety

Track missing type coverage in TypeScript projects to ensure type safety

Send the coverage difference back to the github on each pull requests

Code coverage HTML reporter with Azure DevOps limitations in mind
2019-03-03 01:16:50 coverage istanbul reporter azure MIT 协议

[![Greenkeeper badge](](
2019-04-12 03:37:54 coverage css unit test source-map MIT 协议

A sample project for testing and configuring TravisCI with mocha/chai and status shields

some badges I made to be used with local-badges

to measure coverage of test cases in an automation project
2019-04-18 20:12:10 coverage test case ISC 协议

Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.

Fetch the code coverage from an open-source GIT repository, using a variety of well-known coverage services

A simple calculator package developed as an examplary, educational open source project using a range of libraries and external tools