takes json-cov output into stdin and POSTs to 35370 引用量
2019-07-12 10:25:01 coverage coveralls BSD-2-Clause 协议

the Istanbul command line interface 29757 引用量

Uploading report to Codecov: 9646 引用量


Ben Coe » c8 » 5.0.1 (8.1 KB) 39 版本数量

output coverage reports using Node.js' built in coverage 100 引用量

LCOV uploader for service 47 引用量
2019-07-01 02:25:03 coverage lcov codecov MIT 协议

Quality checker for projects for browser js and Node.js, can be integrated in build process of Page, also can be as stand alone application. 36 引用量

A command-line tool to collect and report code coverage of a JavaScript program 23 引用量

Send LCOV and Clover coverage reports to the Coveralls service. 21 引用量

Reporter used for mocha and other frameworks. 19 引用量
2019-07-09 10:39:34 coverage macaca reporter MIT 协议

Gulp plugin to submit code coverage to Coveralls 11 引用量
2019-07-12 02:20:03 coverage gulpplugin

Client side JavaScript tests runner 4 引用量

convert from v8 coverage format to istanbul's format 4 引用量
2019-05-11 08:22:36 coverage v8 istanbul ISC 协议

Code coverage from the future 2 引用量

A tool for verifying that changes to a package do not affect projects dependent upon it. 2 引用量

Parse and format to LCOV your code coverage reports. The best way to share your code coverage stats. 1 引用量

AST-based conversion from V8 coverage to Istanbul report 1 引用量
2019-05-15 04:31:56 coverage v8 istanbul MIT 协议

Sosia is a visual regression tool, powered by component snapshots 1 引用量

Create a static website for exploring your project’s coverage statistics

Saves the code coverage collected during Cypress tests

Saves the code coverage collected from instrumented code

Mock-User-Auth is a mock user authentication API developed in Nodejs and Express using JWT as authenticator

Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.

A package that allows code coverage to be run on only javascript lines that are changed.
2019-07-07 12:43:18 coverage jest ISC 协议

Check the type coverage of any TypeScript project with this easy npm package

Track missing type coverage in TypeScript projects to ensure type safety

thetool is a CLI tool to capture different cpu, memory and other profiles for your node app in Chrome DevTools friendly format

lcov coverage parser for files and streams

Simple Testing for your nodejs
2019-06-25 23:37:08 coverage test istanbul mocha ISC 协议

Assist Marko components testing using Jest.

Skeleton for a simple NPM Package with ES2015 support and CI already configured.