takes json-cov output into stdin and POSTs to 41066 引用量
2020-03-20 01:14:21 coverage coveralls BSD-2-Clause 协议

the Istanbul command line interface 40448 引用量

Uploading report to Codecov: 12342 引用量


Ben Coe » c8 » 7.1.0 (11.2 KB) 50 版本数量

output coverage reports using Node.js' built in coverage 315 引用量

LCOV uploader for service 48 引用量
2020-02-21 18:25:47 coverage lcov codecov MIT 协议

Creates a group of coverage badges from Jest into your README. 34 引用量

Saves the code coverage collected during Cypress tests 26 引用量

Send LCOV and Clover coverage reports to the Coveralls service. 22 引用量

convert from v8 coverage format to istanbul's format 21 引用量
2020-03-28 05:57:49 coverage v8 istanbul ISC 协议

Reporter used for mocha and other frameworks. 20 引用量
2020-01-19 09:55:42 coverage macaca reporter MIT 协议

Gulp plugin to submit code coverage to Coveralls 20 引用量
2020-03-18 11:56:57 coverage gulpplugin

Check the type coverage of any TypeScript project with this easy npm package 19 引用量

A simple way of adding tests (and more) to your React apps 14 引用量

A simple CLI to run Node.js and report code coverage. 13 引用量
2020-02-02 14:04:04 coverage node v8 code report check MIT 协议

A simple way of adding tests to your Node modules 12 引用量

Client side JavaScript tests runner 9 引用量

Generate coverage badges during local nyc/istanbul execution 8 引用量
2020-03-27 14:45:42 coverage istanbul nyc MIT 协议

Track type coverage in TypeScript projects to ensure type safety 7 引用量

💯 Collect, report and check code coverage using Istanbul 6 引用量

nyc shareable configuration for 3 引用量

Code coverage from the future 2 引用量

Mrm task that adds Codecov to Travis CI config 2 引用量

This module contains the test feature for the @leanup/cli. 1 引用量

A simple node module to access V8 inspector + some tools to export and read the data. 1 引用量

Parse and format to LCOV your code coverage reports. The best way to share your code coverage stats. 1 引用量

Sosia is a visual regression tool, powered by component snapshots 1 引用量

Code coverage for OCaml and Reason 1 引用量
2020-03-27 16:17:38 coverage reason BuckleScript MIT 协议

Yeoman generator to create a python project with test/coverage ready

A Yeoman generator for scaffolding a reusable library written in Typescript.

Danger.js plugin for monitoring istanbul code coverage on changed files.

[![Build Status](]( [![Dependency Status](]( [![Coverage St

Simple Testing for your nodejs
2020-02-27 10:11:48 coverage test istanbul mocha ISC 协议

Allows checking the API endpoint coverage of you server.
2020-02-02 01:51:05 coverage endpoints ISC 协议

A karma reporter that uses the latest istanbul 1.x APIs (with full sourcemap support) to report coverage.

Command line tool that checks that the test coverage is above a specified minimum.

Collect code coverage information from end-to-end jest puppeteer tests.

Print SonarQube overall coverage statistics to the gitlab pipeline

Parse clover XML coverage reports to JSON, using the same format as lcov-parse