A Less loader for webpack. Compiles Less to CSS. 18391 引用量

A smaller version of caniuse-db, with only the essentials! 571 引用量
2020-10-11 14:33:36 css html5 svg js support CC-BY-4.0 协议

PostCSS plugin for CSS Modules to pass arbitrary values between your module files 289 引用量
2020-10-12 02:47:21 css postcss modules ISC 协议

对 ts, es6, scss, less, css 进行转换,并输出到指定目录 51 引用量

Universal Rollup plugin for styles: PostCSS, Sass, Less, Stylus and more 28 引用量

BuckleScript bindings for emotion 14 引用量
2020-10-09 14:49:10 reason css emotion bucklescript ISC 协议

A recommended babel preprocessing plugin for emotion, The Next Generation of CSS-in-JS. 9 引用量
2020-10-11 21:52:52 css emotion css-in-js styles react MIT 协议

PostCSS plugin for adding 'momentum' style scrolling behavior (-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch) for elements with overflow (scroll, auto) on iOS 6 引用量

A DOM component builder creating type-level DOM structures. 3 引用量

Extract and inline critical css with emotion for server side rendering. 2 引用量

CSS styles for cUI framework 1 引用量

Uma forma de deixar arquivos css e html mais leves

css grid based on css grid specification
2020-10-11 20:05:31 css cssgrid scss grid MIT 协议

React Ventures for building applications in React.js with Bootstrap utilizing the Next.js framework (Vercel) for simplified Node.js configuration available by Open Source.

Dynamic interface color generator

A website development framework built with Grunt and Sass, with optional support for jQuery UI.

Benfeitoria Style Components
2020-10-10 02:58:36 css icon style sass benfeitoria MIT 协议

bs-css bindings for React DOM
2020-10-09 14:48:40 reason css bucklescript ISC 协议

React hook to implement styled-system functionality within styled-jsx

The classic in React and CSS
> [Interactive Docs](https://vuelity.netlify.app/)

A dynamic website generator and manager, using rubico and Arche(React)

Stylelint config for elephant projects

Simple CSS selectors/rules extractor.
2020-10-09 20:44:27 css extract string get ISC 协议

用于动态修改less变量 实现动态切换antd主题颜色,其他插件支持度待开发。

Neon is a lightweight design library of VueJS components with minimal dependencies. It supports light and dark modes and can be extended to support multiple themes

A clean and friendly icon family for web