A smaller version of caniuse-db, with only the essentials! 512 引用量
2020-07-05 13:33:20 css html5 svg js support CC-BY-4.0 协议

Porting of the abandoned Vincent Garreau's particles.js, converted in TypeScript. Added many new cool features and various bug fixes. 20 引用量

style utils to make you worry less about styling and more about application logic 3 引用量
2020-07-05 21:07:10 css styling utils style ISC 协议

CSS styles for cUI framework 1 引用量

Lightweight, reactive, VDOM-less UI/DOM components with async lifecycle and @thi.ng/hiccup compatible 1 引用量

Web app prototyping library based on Bootstrap framework.
2020-07-05 09:21:47 css js html bootstrap sass javascript MIT 协议

A better CSS foundation
2020-07-05 05:35:53 css MIT 协议

A thin wrapper to help make CSS Flexbox simpler and more expressive

Basic style generater for neumorphism UX
2020-07-06 02:39:08 css js styles ISC 协议

CSS build for webpack
2020-07-05 21:36:04 css webpack ISC 协议

**quidol-ui** is a framework css create for the project Quidol Live.
2020-07-05 23:48:25 css framework ui quidol live redpill MIT 协议

A CSS utility library that is meant to cover classes the Bootstrap is missing
2020-07-05 06:56:08 css css-library bootstrap-alt MIT 协议

Turn HTML into a live wireframe

A simple JavaScript utility for updating HTML-element's classlist

Baseline CSS to improve readability of HTML documents
2020-07-05 17:00:02 css generated markdown html sass MIT 协议

File-specific icons for front-end project, extracted from file-icons/atom

Dynamic typography for the web

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2020-07-06 03:22:34 css scss ejs MIT 协议

A CSS utility class generator. User friendly, simple, powerful.

A plugin of css-render that helping generate BEM standard CSS

Generating CSS using JS with considerable flexibility and extensibility, at both server side and client side.