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module based front-end framework 20 引用量
2019-09-23 09:44:48 front end mofron front-end MIT 协议

button component for mofron 6 引用量
2020-02-10 12:52:48 front end mofron front-end MIT 协议

Actor model for reactive and scalable applications. 6 引用量

header component for mofron 2 引用量
2020-05-08 20:51:47 front end mofron front-end MIT 协议

table Component for mofron 2 引用量
2020-03-08 21:56:15 mofron front end front-end MIT 协议

A client-side JavaScript tool that takes in a `File` of type `.jpeg`, `.png`, or `.gif` and returns a compressed `File` of type `.jpeg`. 1 引用量

UI functional microframework 1 引用量


genify » nej » 1.7.8 (636.5 KB) 124 版本数量

frontend publish toolkit

Upload front-end changes into AEM, refresh relevant resources in the page and get instant notifications from the error.log, all for easier and faster development.

Basic Input Components for No Muss, No Fuss Plug and Play with Svelte

Flipper is a front end web module that flips things. In style. Flipper can flip an element in place or open it up to a modal dialog.

A minimalist front-end design toolkit for developing web apps.

A library for running AB tests across subdomains

Flexable Vanila Js based toggle button which can hold custom property

Vanilla JavaScript CLI

the styles for the honest figs project
2019-09-14 10:12:56 front end css GPL-3.0-or-later 协议

ExothermicJS | Yaml based template engine for Node.js

2019-07-20 12:47:20 front end nodejs MIT 协议

Created extremely simple and modern looking windows with this simple package. Using the electron dependency, easywindow.js will allow you to make a clean and slick looking window with no work at all.

Framework for componentized front end development with Nunjucks, Sass, and JavaScript

the even lazier javascript framework

A simple Flexbox based grid system for CSS.

Generate HTML tables that are sortable and collapsable easily


genify » knej » 1.4.0 (67.4 KB) 2 版本数量

frontend publish toolkit

An automation tool for creating single page applications.

Framework for componentized front end development with Nunjucks, Sass, and JavaScript

Stub endpoints in any easy and isolated way

Pattern library framework for styleguide driven front end development with Sass, ES6+ and Nunjucks.

Round-trip front end mongoose.