Assorted common math functions & utilities 18 引用量

3 functions: getRounded(), getRoundedUp(), getRoundedDown() 7 引用量

Collection of routines to copy / clone data structures, no matter how complex and cycled them are. Cloner relies on class relations definition for traversing. Use the module to replicate your data. 5 引用量

Assorted binary / bitwise operations, conversions, utilities. 5 引用量

Checks if a given number is within a given range and returns boolean 4 引用量
2019-04-11 13:41:13 ranges numbers range math MIT 协议

2 functions that check if given integer is odd or even 3 引用量
2019-04-11 13:26:50 number even numbers math check odd MIT 协议

Miscellaneous math functions 3 引用量
2019-04-14 15:14:51 zero min-max spherical angle math MIT 协议

Super fast simple k-means and k-means++ clustering for unidimiensional and multidimensional data. Works in node and browser 3 引用量

Giac, a free computer algebra system 2 引用量

Math toolbar for editing math equations 2 引用量

Render and edit beautifully typeset math 2 引用量

Without rounding, returns the number without the decimal or anything to the right of it 2 引用量

Miscellaneous utility functions 2 引用量
2019-04-14 22:40:43 canvas string utility math font MIT 协议

Returns the median from an array of numbers. 1 引用量

A partial port of the Apache Commons Math Interpolation package, including Akima cubic spline interpolation. 1 引用量

Simple, safe floating point math. Based on the Math portion of the sinful.js project at
2019-04-18 09:19:16 math sinful floating-point MIT 协议

ECMAScript modules for exactly manipulating set algebra of polytopes on the basis of @kkitahara/linear-algebra.

1st project on Hexlet "Brain Games"
2019-04-15 13:54:21 games math brain ISC 协议

Visualises mathematical functions in 3D space for comparison.

A collection of javascript helper functions for fast vector math and more.

A small library to do math operations.
2019-04-18 13:30:11 operations math ISC 协议

A vector lib with support for (+ - * /) operator handling

script to parse html and render math equations server side

A function curve editor widget / web component

A javascript library that provides useful functionality for acousticians.

Internationalization in Typescript with Unicode CLDR, batteries included

Math evaluator tool for comparing expressions for equality

Extending the Set class in order to support mathematical set properties and operations.

Closed/open/semi-open interval data type, queries & operations

A small library to do math operations.
2019-04-17 01:51:24 operations math ISC 协议

Math image maker
2019-04-16 11:16:42 image cli svg math latex MIT 协议

Get the square root of any number! NERDS REJOICE!

EEG signal processing and machine learning

Make math proof(in Chinese) more professional
2019-04-16 10:06:23 Math WTFPL 协议

Geometric Algebra for javascript with operator overloading and algebraic literals

Math lib for Vektr
2019-04-19 19:18:52 ecosystem:AllexJS vektr lib math ISC 协议

A small library to do math operations.
2019-04-11 13:50:11 operations math ISC 协议

A small library to do math operations.
2019-04-25 00:34:05 operations math ISC 协议