Math.js is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js. It features a flexible expression parser with support for symbolic computation, comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants, and offers an integrated solution to work with dif 548 引用量

Collection of routines to copy / clone data structures, no matter how complex and cycled them are. Cloner relies on class relations definition for traversing. Use the module to replicate your data. 5 引用量

A Long class for representing a 64-bit two's-complement integer value. 5 引用量
2019-02-18 16:20:26 math Apache-2.0 协议

Math utilities (random, stats, and more) 5 引用量
2019-02-22 18:02:17 random math MIT 协议

Collection of functions for non-vector math 4 引用量

2 functions that check if given integer is odd or even 3 引用量
2019-02-21 07:55:27 number even numbers math check odd MIT 协议

Render TeX to SVG and MathML using MathJax. Based on svgtex. 3 引用量

Collection of functions for vector math. MathVector introduces missing in JavaScript type VectorImage. VectorImage is a reference, it does not contain data but only refer on actual ( aka Long ) container of lined data. VectorImage could have offset, lengt 3 引用量

Checks if a given number is within a given range and returns boolean 3 引用量
2019-02-21 12:06:29 ranges numbers range math MIT 协议

Giac, a free computer algebra system 2 引用量

2 functions check if array of numbers is in ascending order or not 2 引用量

Toolkit for the web 2 引用量
2019-02-18 06:24:49 3d toolkit physics math MIT 协议

Math library in Typescript 2 引用量
2019-02-16 22:36:01 vector math typescript MIT 协议

Collection of functions for matrix math. MathSpace introduces class Space which is a multidimensional structure which in the most trivial case is Matrix of scalars. A matrix of specific form could also be classified as a vector. MathSpace heavily relly on 2 引用量

Math toolbar for editing math equations 2 引用量

Without rounding, returns the number without the decimal or anything to the right of it 2 引用量

module with functions relating to the prime factors of a positive integer 2 引用量

Collection of functions to operate such geometrical concepts as Sphere, Box, Plane, Frustum, Ray, Axis and Angle, Euler's Angles, Quaternion and other. Why MathConcepts? Three reasons. All functions of the module are purely functional. MathConcepts heavil 1 引用量

Automatically evaluate mathematical expressions in your CSS source files, like in SASS or LESS. No special function calls needed as with `postcss-mathjs`. 1 引用量
2019-02-15 14:34:12 PostCSS LESS math MIT 协议

Yet another set of libraries

list functions: rand(x,y), element(array), pass()
2019-02-18 23:36:46 math ISC 协议

A library to parse expressions, solve and simplify systems of linear equations, find eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Extend JavaScript arrays with vector capabilities
2019-02-13 22:04:45 array vector math MIT 协议

Trigonometry Formulas
2019-02-16 20:03:04 Trigonometry Math ISC 协议

Get the max and the min from an array of numbers
2019-02-21 14:21:24 high min max low numbers math value FREE 协议

Library to operate with matrix.
2019-02-14 22:15:06 math matrix tensor ISC 协议

Calculate sum, substraction, multiplying, dividing in finite field.
2019-02-19 01:28:45 field finite math ISC 协议

Evaluates math expressions obeying order of operations and with support for units and trig functions.

JavaScript utility methods for numbers

Small library for math.

A simple math operation functions npm test
2019-02-20 13:32:34 JavaScript Math NodeJS MIT 协议

Small library foe 2d vectors.
2019-02-17 02:07:45 2d vector math vector2 ISC 协议

Geometric Algebra for javascript with operator overloading and algebraic literals

Hexo plugin for rendering TeX math by katex
2019-02-22 16:00:49 katex hexo math latex MIT 协议

A simple complex numbers library written in Typescript

Library of math functions for TypeScript.

Angular helpers for easily writing interactive articles

simple algorithms
2019-02-14 17:12:51 random string json vector math matrix ISC 协议

Powerful library made for performance plus utilities

A vector lib with support for (+ - * /) operator handling