Array-based 3D Math Classes optimized for WebGL applications 40 引用量

Array-based 3D Math Classes optimized for WebGL applications 13 引用量

Standard ESLint config for Favware projects written in TypeScript 13 引用量

Collection of routines to copy / clone data structures, no matter how complex and cycled them are. Cloner relies on class relations definition for traversing. Use the module to replicate your data. 7 引用量

Math library in Typescript 6 引用量
2020-10-07 22:12:30 vector math typescript MIT 协议

Render and edit beautifully typeset math 5 引用量

Experimental math classes for 4 引用量
2020-10-07 06:16:36 3d geospatial glTF math GLB MIT 协议

Giac, a free computer algebra system 2 引用量

Round a number to the closest interval. 2 引用量
2020-10-05 12:09:43 intervals round math MIT 协议

Proj4js wrapper for conversion between geospatial CRS (coordinate reference systems) 2 引用量

mdast extension to parse and serialize math 1 引用量

Polygon/polyline processing utilities 1 引用量

这是一个可以将数学公式推导变形,并转成js和计算的模块。 1 引用量

[![Actions Status](]( [![Dependencies](]( 1 引用量
2020-10-05 15:12:23 immutable 2d fast physics vector math MIT 协议

js plain object toolbox

Markdown to standalone HTML converter. It generates a standalone HTML with all CSS and images embedded, browsable responsible TOC, math support (KATEX) and code syntax highlighting (highlight.js).

Add the numbers in an array cumulatively.

Teste de código Node.js para operações aritméticas básicas.
2020-10-04 05:17:18 nodejs math MIT 协议

MathJax renderer plugin for Hexo
2020-10-10 15:29:03 renderer hexo mathjax math MIT 协议

NPM pakage to determine if a number is odd or even

Nodejs math extension
2020-10-12 02:12:26 evojs extension nodejs math MIT 协议

This is a basic Math package. It contains routines to work with matrices, quaternions and vectors. All those entities are represented as Float32Arrays. | Property | Description | | ------ | ------ | | ```Mathf.matrix4x4``` | access available matrix fun

Fast and simple gcd/lcm implementation
2020-10-03 22:02:00 lcm gcd math MIT 协议

Computerized axiomatic system on the web
2020-10-07 12:06:01 math MIT 协议

All Random Things 👽🤓😉❤🚀🔥💾⌛

Library for building expressions and computing derivatives

A small (1.78KB) parser to evaluate infix notation to values (without using eval).

A General-Purpose Particle System for three.js

Minimal (no dependencies) bounding boxes with cool functions such as intersects, containsPoint, union, intersection, ...

Perform precise math operations without floating point errors.

Mathematical expression evaluator

Split up an integer into even parts that add to the original integer.

A JavaScript library for interfacing with the Wolfram Alpha API
2020-10-05 23:34:33 alpha math wolfram ISC 协议

Secure random numbers of any size in any base