Assorted common math functions & utilities 25 引用量

Assorted binary / bitwise operations, conversions, utilities. 11 引用量

Standard ESLint config for Favware projects written in TypeScript 7 引用量

Collection of routines to copy / clone data structures, no matter how complex and cycled them are. Cloner relies on class relations definition for traversing. Use the module to replicate your data. 6 引用量

Collection of functions for non-vector math 4 引用量

Powerful mathematics, statistics and geometry library for JavaScript. 4 引用量

Collection of functions for vector math. MathVector introduces missing in JavaScript type VectorImage. VectorImage is a reference, it does not contain data but only refer on actual ( aka Long ) container of lined data. VectorImage could have offset, lengt 3 引用量

Various and random collection of maths utilities 2 引用量

Like Set() but with union, intersect, difference and more built-in 2 引用量

When clicking on a latex math expression, a popup is shown that displays the expression rendered with MathJax or KaTeX 2 引用量

Collection of functions for matrix math. MathSpace introduces class Space which is a multidimensional structure which in the most trivial case is Matrix of scalars. A matrix of specific form could also be classified as a vector. MathSpace heavily relly on 2 引用量

Math toolbar for editing math equations 2 引用量

A vector class supporting vector operations in n-dimensional space. Useful for word vectors calculation. 2 引用量

Math-related objects and utilities 2 引用量
2019-11-09 11:43:37 game math typescript ISC 协议

Render and edit beautifully typeset math 2 引用量

Experimental math classes for 2 引用量
2019-11-09 07:11:53 3d geospatial glTF math GLB MIT 协议

Simple 2D math utils. 1 引用量

Internationalization in Typescript with Unicode CLDR, batteries included 1 引用量

A simple library for creating and working with 3D meshes in Javascript 1 引用量
2019-11-06 19:34:08 csg cad math oneisland mesh MIT 协议

A library with math used by Videx. 1 引用量
2019-11-07 18:07:42 videx math MIT 协议

Collection of functions to operate such geometrical concepts as Sphere, Box, Plane, Frustum, Ray, Axis and Angle, Euler's Angles, Quaternion and other. Why MathConcepts? Three reasons. All functions of the module are purely functional. MathConcepts heavil 1 引用量

JavaScript expression parsing, MathML rendering and CAS. 1 引用量

Math expression evaluator 1 引用量

Cli for [fcal](
2019-11-06 13:55:55 cli fcal interpreter math MIT 协议

A javascript package for creating dynamic svg graphs of mathematical equations.
2019-11-11 10:06:47 graphing math graph ISC 协议

EEG signal processing and machine learning

2d vector for math / physics
2019-11-12 11:27:06 2d physics vector math MIT 协议

math-extends 一款解决 js 计算精度丢失轻量级函数库

Simple, safe floating point math. Based on the Math portion of the sinful.js project at
2019-11-08 08:44:29 math sinful floating-point MIT 协议

Proyecto de matimáticas sencillo para aprender NodeJS y subirlo a NPM

Geometric Algebra for javascript with operator overloading and algebraic literals

Secure random numbers of any size in any base

Mathematical expression evaluator, extends from expr-eval

Closed/open/semi-open interval data type, queries & operations

Solve quadratic equations with response values.
2019-11-09 06:29:31 equations math quadratic solver MIT 协议

A General-Purpose Particle System for three.js

A small library to do math operations.
2019-11-07 03:35:24 operations math ISC 协议

Math And A Bit More, mainly linear algebra functions.
2019-11-09 21:36:47 linear-algebra Math MIT 协议

Visualiser for semantic tree generated in SRE.

JS module for linear algebra.
2019-11-10 09:34:08 math linear algebra ISC 协议

A vector lib with support for (+ - * /) operator handling