es-expand 提供了对 JS 中原生类型功能的扩展(如Object、Array、Function、String、Number、Math、Date等等),也提供了一些工具函数; 30 引用量

Calculate a percentile for given array of values 23 引用量
2020-06-25 15:10:31 percentile stats math calculate MIT 协议

95+ assorted binary / bitwise operations, conversions, utilities 13 引用量

Collection of functions for non-vector math 8 引用量

Collection of functions for vector math. MathVector introduces missing in JavaScript type VectorImage. VectorImage is a reference, it does not contain data but only refer on actual ( aka Long ) container of lined data. VectorImage could have offset, lengt 7 引用量

Collection of routines to copy / clone data structures, no matter how complex and cycled them are. Cloner relies on class relations definition for traversing. Use the module to replicate your data. 7 引用量

Collection of functions for matrix math. MathMatrix introduces class Matrix which is a multidimensional structure which in the most trivial case is Matrix of scalars. A matrix of specific form could also be classified as a vector. MathMatrix heavily relly 4 引用量

A subclass of bbop-graph that layers on a complete annotation and graph editing model for the Noctua set of tools. 4 引用量

Extract TeX math environments 3 引用量
2020-06-26 21:22:42 katex tex math latex MIT 协议

Collection of functions to operate such geometrical concepts as Sphere, Box, Plane, Frustum, Ray, Axis and Angle, Euler's Angles, Quaternion and other. Why MathModels? Three reasons. All functions of the module are purely functional. MathModels heavily re 2 引用量

Utilites for manipulation of mathjs expressions. 1 引用量
2020-06-25 22:44:42 expression math Apache-2.0 协议

`lodash.random` but using Alea 1 引用量
2020-06-29 03:59:41 random alea math MIT 协议

library of recurring, unconnected functions 1 引用量

Fast Modular Networking Arithmetic Core (fmna-core) 1 引用量

An implementation of an algebraically closed interval system of the extended real number set 1 引用量

A Node-Red node to perform basic mathematical calculations 1 引用量

Matematik yönetim modülü

Closed/open/semi-open interval data type, queries & operations

Calculadora de JavaScript simple para simplificar tus tareas.

Composable signal generators, oscillators, filters, FFT, spectrum, windowing & related DSP utils

Matematik yönetim modülü

Geometric Algebra for javascript with operator overloading and algebraic literals

Matematik yönetim modülü

simple math problem solver
2020-07-01 18:34:45 mathematics for math kids ISC 协议

🥪 A tiny (~700b gzipped) collection of convenient JavaScript utilities.

A mini library to convert whole numbers to Roman numerals

Helper with misc. math functions such as sums, averages, max, min, etc

All Random Things 👽🤓😉❤🚀🔥💾⌛

Ezekiel's personal toolkit for making things with vectors
2020-06-29 18:07:14 vector math tools MIT 协议

A 3D Vector lib including arithmetic operator overloading (+ - * / % **).

Appropriately round amounts of money.
2020-06-30 14:20:38 number round money math decimal MIT 协议

mathematical achievements of dvpnt
2020-07-01 20:02:26 math dvpnt MIT 协议

A package for 2D and 3D vector math.

Fast, lightweight, and extinsible mathematical and statistical functions.

Simple, safe floating point math. Based on the Math portion of the sinful.js project at
2020-07-04 03:27:40 math sinful floating-point MIT 协议

Complex numbers done right

Add function of My Math Library
2020-07-05 15:00:57 Add Math Library Math My Math MIT 协议

Checks if a number is equal to 9
2020-06-29 22:24:14 nine numbers math is-nine WTFPL 协议