The Parse JavaScript SDK 234 引用量
2019-04-25 05:27:51 cloud mobile api BSD-3-Clause 协议

Core library for the Shopgate Connect PWA. 9 引用量

Enact is an open source JavaScript framework containing everything you need to create a fast, scalable mobile or web application. 8 引用量

Customizable charts (Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Circle, Progress) for React Native 5 引用量

A collection of simplified unstyled cross-platform UI components for Enact 2 引用量

A schematics collections for generate source files for Angular7+ application based on Rucken template 1 引用量

Customisable smart app banner for iOS and Android 1 引用量

Extensible Angular 7+ enterprise-grade project generator based on angular-cli with best practices from the community. Includes PWA and Cordova support, coding guides and more! 1 引用量


The Parse JavaScript SDK
2019-04-24 13:15:57 cloud mobile api BSD-3-Clause 协议

Vise is a minimal vanilla CSS framework capable of building consistent and reliable user experiences. With around 33kb of size, Vise is a median between light and heavy frameworks. It is essentially based on encapsulation, self-reliance and minimalism not

Large-screen/TV support library for Enact, containing a variety of UI components.

a img-cropper for vue@2.0+; 移动端图片裁剪组件
2019-04-19 14:49:49 img upload vue mobile crop ISC 协议

A library to help with sending SMS through AWS SNS.
2019-04-24 01:22:52 number mobile SMS SNS send AWS ISC 协议

Actually Backendless JS-SDK is totally adapted for working in React Native applications, you can use almost the entire Backendless API, but also there are some features which require Native iOS/Android implementation.

cabin mobile react native ui components

Calculate real dimention according the design dimention, support px/rem/ etc. 根据设计长度算出特定宽度下的对应长度。

Mobile UI elements for vue.js
2019-04-22 11:47:00 component vue eleme mobile MIT 协议

Framework7 command line utility (CLI)


Console tools for create and build Angular7+, Bootstrap, Ionic and NestJS application based on Rucken template

## z-index 层级管理

A calendar friendly for mobile, which can select the date by the range.It is typically used for hotel.

Tracking library for the Shopgate Connect PWA.

pile components build with React.
2019-04-24 14:54:57 ui pile mobile pile-ui react react ui MIT 协议