A ponyfill (doesn't overwrite the native fetch) for the Fetch specification https://fetch.spec.whatwg.org. 270 引用量
2020-05-31 17:04:11 fetch ponyfill MIT 协议

Ponyfill for upcoming Element.scrollIntoView() APIs like scrollMode: if-needed, behavior: smooth and block: center 156 引用量

`Promise#finally()` ponyfill - Invoked when the promise is settled regardless of outcome 121 引用量

Cross-platform Blob implementation for NodeJS and the Web. 13 引用量

Smaller Polyfill for the proposed React context API 10 引用量

A cross-browser ponyfill for File with a working constructor 6 引用量

fs.access ponyfill for older versions of Node.js 5 引用量

Delivers ponyfills as modules, uses native alternatives first when available 3 引用量

fs.accessSync ponyfill for older versions of Node.js 2 引用量

A screen.orientation ponyfill 🖥 1 引用量

An implementation and polyfill of the Resize Observer draft.

Ponyfill for Event.getComposedPath()

Element.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded ponyfill that can animate the scrolling

npm module to remove problems of css vars in un supported browsers e.g Internet explorer 9+
2020-02-28 01:29:10 css fix polyfill var ponyfill vars ISC 协议

Ponyfill that uses path or path-browserify depending on the environment.

blob-util with cross-platform support.

Universal WHATWG Fetch API for Node, Browsers and React Native

A window.resizeTo polyfill for test environments like Jest & JSDOM

A polyfill for Request.prototype.formData on cloudflare workers

Symbol.dispose / Symbol.asyncDispose ponyfill

A versatile Element.classList alternative for manipulating CSS class names, triggering change events using HTML data attributes, and creating class-related event listeners using a simple, declarative API.

The missing logging function for modern Javascript, v => ( console.log( v ), v )

Gracefully terminate a script in Node.js or browsers.