A preprocessor with source maps support to help use TypeScript with Jest 27930 引用量

Custom jest matchers to test the state of the DOM 1369 引用量
2020-01-22 21:23:27 jsdom dom testing jest MIT 协议

Serenity/JS: Next generation acceptance testing library for modern web applications. 13 引用量

All you need to develop packages/apps. 9 引用量

Marble testing helpers library for RxJs and Jest 8 引用量

Preset to simplify testing Gatsby sites with Jest 6 引用量

Copyright © Bentley Systems, Incorporated. All rights reserved. 2 引用量

Enables Serenity/JS test scenarios to integrate with REST-based HTTP APIs. 2 引用量

Enables Serenity/JS Actors to manage local Node.js test servers, such as Express, Koa or Restify 2 引用量

Enables Serenity/JS to run Cucumber JS 1.3.x test scenarios 1 引用量

Easiest way to turn a function into a web server! 1 引用量

Serenity/JS adapter for the Jasmine test runner 1 引用量

Automation framework for Web & Mobile applications

Write robust and flakiness free tests with Protractor
2020-01-23 05:59:34 protractor testing e2e MIT 协议

This package runs test cases on a given method and console logs the result.
2020-01-22 11:25:52 node testing npm MIT 协议

mini test runner + mocking
2020-01-23 13:52:00 unit tests micro testing MIT 协议

Generates an HTML report from pa11y-ci JSON output

Module for adding visual regression testing to Cypress

Server side utilities for running tests in the Bolt Design System.

Nightwatch testing config + helpers for the Bolt Design System.

Helper functions and misc bits of reusable Javascript code to help more easily write tests in the Bolt Design System.

Jest testing config + addons for the Bolt Design System.

A utility library to help with testing deployed serverless applications

PuppeDo is a runner for tests E2E in YAML style. With power of Puppeteer.